About Braepark Property

Jamie Gray

I established Braepark Property Management in 2017 after growing my property portfolio over the past 2 years by managing residential lets and holiday homes. But it wasn’t all plain sailing as far as my experience with property management was concerned.

In 2015 I went abroad for a short while and decided to rent out my home. I chose a big high street letting agent who I assumed would be the best. You get what you pay for right? I was expecting to receive my rent money each month with little to no hassle while I enjoyed my trip of a lifetime. 

After only three short months I was more than unimpressed with their lack of communication, substandard service and uncompleted tasks from the start of the tenancy, not to mention poor value for money! The very place that was supposed to make my life easier, more flexible and more profitable was the very place that was causing most of the trouble. And I was paying for the luxury! 

I decided to take matters in to my own hands and contacted the tenant directly. After a good chat it was clear neither of us were happy. My tenant was receiving the same treatment as I was. Once I returned home I built on the relationship with my tenant and a strong interest to get involved with property management began. I believe that property management needs to be efficient, provide value for money and above all have that personal feel. These are people’s homes or getaways or businesses. 

By the start of the new year I had built a significant property portfolio, managing properties in Dundee, Stirling, Falkirk and Largs. All of this was born out of my own disappointment in the property management market. I understand, from personal experience that the minimum is not good enough. I aim to provide a service that doesn't currently exist. I am very passionate about providing a premium service that will really make a difference in people's lives, both landlords and tenants alike.

If you want to know how I can make a difference in your life get in touch for a quote on your bespoke property management service.

Why choose Braepark?

Through personal and professional experience I have identified the 4 main problems with the current property management market and particularly its high street businesses.

  • Poor management causing unnecessary overheads that cut into your profit 
  • Resources which are spread too thinly due to client and property overload
  • A high turnover of staff resulting in people who don’t really care about the job
  • A lack of direct communication with clients

At Braepark Property Management we will provide the following solutions:

A premium service that will deliver value for money and give you hassle free profit. Building good relationships with tenants and regular property inspections can provide you with more profit and more time spent on a better service

A select port folio with a limited amount of properties taken on will ensure that your needs are automatically given high priority

Jamie is our sole property agent and is very passionate about delivering the results that you want specifically. Its not just a numbers game. Jamie’s aim is to make a real difference in your life by giving you unrivalled customer care with a personal touch.

You have red phone access! You won’t have to leave numerous messages over a period of weeks to get a response. You will have direct access to Jamie should anything arise that requires her assistance. Any issues will therefore be dealt with in a quick and efficient manner. These are essential for your property business to grow exponentially.

If any of these apply to you and you are looking to go bespoke and make a real difference to your property business then call Jamie on 07811 969 816 for a quote.

If any issues that you are currently facing aren’t on this list, don’t worry. Jamie will tailor-make your service to your needs. Get in touch for your personalised quote.

What my customers think!

"Jamie has worked for me as a personal assistant and property manager for two years now.

She is very efficient but friendly. I have no hesitation in recommending her to any individual or business which would require her service. Jamie is excellent at producing and executing personal management plans. She has the skills required to undertake all forms of property management from residential letting to the organisation and implementation of holiday lets."

Dr Robert A Deuchar, Chairman Townhouse Restaurants Ltd & Property owner/Investor

"Jamie was my landlady for 10 months,  she was great!  Couldn’t have asked for better.  

Whenever we had a problem she got it fixed right away for us. She was available 24/7 to answer our calls, even at 10pm when our bathroom got flooded. She organized an electrician to come out as our Lights were broken after the flood and checked up regularly to make sure everything was ok.

She was always very polite and easy to get on with"

Carolyn Hendry, Tenant

" We couldn't probably have asked for a better host; Jamie was always prompt and really helpful. Recommend very highly."

Indranil, Airbnb guest

" Jamie made us feel very welcome, she stayed in touch with us from booking to arrival and was helpful on arrival."

Natalie, Airbnb guest

"Jamie is fantastic, extremely helpful and obliging"

Gillian, Airbnb guest